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A Blueprint to Manifesting

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Disclaimer: This is advanced material that combines a sense of self-discovery with law of attraction. You might not be ready for this, and if your life works well as it is, you don’t need to follow any of this, keep doing what you are doing. But if you feel stuck, this might open your eyes to some aspects of yourself and reality that you were not aware of.

I have been answering questions about Law of Attraction on this subreddit board for a while, and I have picked on the main blocks that refrain people from manifesting better and faster. So I have decided to create a very detailed post on how to tackle reality creation so you can set yourself free and manifest easily.

Before getting into it, here is a warning: you need to be open to change your current mindset. This is the core of it all, the key to manifesting better and faster is giving up the notion that ANYTHING should change BUT you. If you keep stuck in your own views, you will keep lurking the internet in search of new information but nothing will seem to have a sustained effect on your life.


First of all, let’s state the benefits. This might seem obvious, but there are a few things that people misunderstand and they create this resistance from the very beginning.

Manifesting the right way will allow you to effortlessly manifest your life. I have stressed out the word “effortless” because this is how it should feel. If you are struggling to get something manifested, you are stuck in your own mind, and this is creating resistance.

Law of Attraction and manifesting are nothing more than techniques that derive from a more important discipline known by some as “spirituality”, but which is only a journey of self-discovery. So hopefully, reality creation will be your entrance to temet nosce. (That’s Latin for “know thyself”)

So the two benefits are:

  • Effortless manifesting
  • Self-discovery

Let’s break this down into steps.


The first step is simply to understand that LoA and reality creation is a natural part of life. This is not an attempt to make “arcane powers” pass as natural, this can be observed from a very terrestrial point of view. The fact that you create your life is probably something that anybody would agree upon (to an extent). The only debate here would be to what extent you do, right?

We create ALL of it. Life is a reflection of your SELF, and it is MANIFESTING constantly. Law of attraction is attracting NON-STOP. This is important to remember because many people seem to be trying to manifest “more money” or “a soulmate” without realizing that attracting is the only thing that we ALL do without interruption.

How so? It is simply how life works. As within, so without. Again you don’t need to believe in spiritual guides or angels or extra-terrestrials in order to grasp this: if you ARE a self-confident person who feels capable of doing anything, what kind of life do you think that you will have? I bet that it is a good one for the most part.

Life and reality are a mirror that reflects what you ARE. And it is doing it constantly, every second of every day. If this is true, then by simple logic, if you change what you ARE, you will change what life reflects.


Someone mentioned that there is a “psychological background” for manifesting. This is what I call foundation or sometimes perspective.

Foundation: The psychological background FROM WHICH you manifest your life.

We have established that what you ARE is being constantly reflected in your life. Some people might be wondering how to change what you are, so life reflects “better” things. The analogy of using different “lenses” would be a good one to understand this principle. You use different lenses that you put before your eyes so you look at the world. These lenses are colored and they will change how you PERCEIVE things. The lenses are interchangeable, so you are able to choose how you look out at the world.

Key point: Perception is the way you change and manifest things “out there” in the mirror of life. You CHOOSE this perception, but you might not be aware of it yet.

This step of the process is called “choose a right foundation”. This is choosing a good psychological background so manifesting is easier. If you are using a lens with a background where you believe that everything around you is real, tangible and static, then you might have a hard time manifesting, modifying and altering reality. Why? Because you are coming from a psychological background (foundation) where you trust that reality is an objective immutable aspect of your environment. As within, so without. If that is your foundation, that is what you will reflect.

How to improve this? Easy: change that lens. Change the foundation, the psychological background. Stop believing that reality is static and objective, and step into a subjective reality. Remember that you are creating reality ALL THE TIME, so nothing really exists aside from the reflection of who you ARE.

This is what the scene in the movie The Matrix is all about: there is no spoon. In the link that I just posted here, I explain in detail what the scene means and how to understand this principle.

In short, a good foundation would be to step into a world that is like The Matrix, a virtual reality world in which we can manifest at will. By consciously CHOOSING this lens, manifesting becomes much easier, because you are allowing it from the beginning, and you also acknowledge that the whole compound of reality is being created by yourself.

You can also read my post about the pillars of creation if you want to dig deeper into all this. It gives a better understanding of what you have to be clear about before attempting to manifest, the basics boost up any manifesting in your life.

Also, it is very important to understand that you only manifest in the NOW. There is no manifesting next week. This stems from the fact that you are manifesting what you ARE, not what you WANT or DESIRE. When you get this, manifesting opens up.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life that you have imagined”. This is what can be read in a magnet on my fridge (the pic that I took and posted at the beginning of this post). The funny thing is that it was not me who put it up there, but my girlfriend did.

Once you grasp that foundation, you should not be needing any technique, affirmations or prayers to get what you want. Now it is the time to CHANGE your SELF, in order to change what it is being reflected. This is how manifestation happens.

Some people use affirmations and they work. Why? They manage to decrease their resistance and get some positive reinforcements that allow them to become what they want, and thus reflect their desires. Some people even do it unconsciously, they KNOW that they are capable of getting what they want, and so they do.

It all comes down to KNOWING that you can get anything, and then let go. It is as easy as going to get something from your fridge: you know that you only need to get up, go to the kitchen and grab that banana.

(Already) BEING AND (Already) HAVING is the key to effortless manifestation. Along with detachment. You need to truly let go, and become what you want to BE and have what you want to HAVE. Of course, the latter is harder to understand because you look out the window and your Ferrari is still not there, is it?

This is another set of magnets on my fridge. I do follow the one of the left, but the one on the right puzzles me… 😛

Bear with me. If you manifest what you ARE and you obtain what you already HAVE because everything is a reflection of your SELF… how do you get a Ferrari?

Well, this is why it is a process, it is hard for people who cringe when a bill comes to the mail to actually manifest a Ferrari overnight. Not because it is impossible, but rather because there is too much of a leap to get from “I struggle to make ends meet” to “I love the shiny look of my Ferrari from my private jacuzzi”.

The aim of this post is for you to detach from the material world for a moment, and REMEMBER that it is all about changing your perception.

Start small, though. Want to be rich? Feel rich. Or feel richER. You can baby step the process: if you never allow yourself to go to a restaurant because you feel that it is an overstretch for your finances, start loosening up on that. Cringe but go to the restaurant, allow yourself to do it and notice how nothing really changes, and you had the food and the experience, and money didn’t run out. Then, buy something that you want and you feel that it is a little bit above your reach. Cringe, do it, and then notice how the world doesn’t come to an end. Climb up that ladder, then remember that you changed your perception step by step, up until buying that Ferrari didn’t seem such a big leap.

You never attracted the Ferrari, it was there all along. What you did is to tweak your perception and allow yourself to step OUT of your self-imposed beliefs. Realize that you CHOOSE how you look at the world, and you can change that.


Some desires are attached to a bunch of notions and judgements about how life is, how we are, how people are. This creates a lot of resistance to easily and effortlessly get what we want. This is when remembering that none of the above really matter and we are creating continuously in this virtual reality game of life is really useful.

So imagine that you want a “soulmate”. You are the creator of your life, so you can attract anything or anyone. However, your notions and restrictions will probably create a lot of resistance. It is easy to get lost in thoughts and beliefs, especially when we remind ourselves that we are creators, but then we stumble on the person that we have a crush on, or we are still thinking about our ex-partners, and then it all seems so real and enticing, that we forget how all this really works.

So the “work” is to clear up resistance and walk confidently no matter what. This is why some people do affirmations, some others visualization, meditation, and other tricks of the trade in order to facilitate the manifestation that they desire. Which is alright, as long as you remember that you are simply clearing the path, not forcefully trying to make something happen (which has a completely different energy signature).

By getting back to the present moment (meditation is the technique used to help with this), and really grasping the concept that nothing exists outside this moment, it is easier to stop seeking. This is very important, the work is to ground yourself to what you know to be true, don’t let the river of feelings and circumstances drag you away with them.

Remember: there is NO spoon. It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. This is an excellent reminder to stop seeking and begin changing your perception, beliefs, and identity.


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