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Affirmations 101 (aka “Affirmations the right way”)

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I wrote this article about “what to do if affirmations do not work” after pondering about how affirmations could seem to fail if we are coming from an inadequate perspective. But then some people on this subreddit about Law of Attraction started talking about it, and I noticed some misconceptions that could delay their manifestations, so I thought that getting the basics straight would help.

The aim today is to write a very succinct and straight to the point article about how to use affirmations as a manifesting technique.

Part 1 – Establish a good foundation

The perspective that you hold about the whole world is your foundation to manifesting. If you have a concept of reality that is too rigid, manifesting might feel more difficult. Let’s try to bend our mind frame first, then proceed to affirmations.

If you believe to some extent that you create your reality, it should not be much of an overstretch to take a step back and realize that you create EVERYTHING about that reality. Everything? Yeah, every little piece of it. So, if you want a new house to move in, you have to remember that you are also manifesting the land where the house stands, the sun that shines over its roofs, the neighbors that have houses around your new property. All of it.

By holding this perspective, you have much more power over the manifesting process, since you also take ownership of any other manifestation around the pieces you would like to move. It ceases to be a process in which you “wish” that certain things would be different, and you realize that you already are creating everything.

If you have a hard time with this concept, imagine for a moment a plastic and malleable reality. You can shape it the way you want. You can hold a perspective in which reality is something static, with its own rules and laws, separate from yourself. Or you can hold a perspective of reality being something malleable, dependant on yourself, inextricably linked to your wishes and desires. Which one do you think is a better shape if you wanted to manifest better and quicker? 😉

Hint: Reality can be whatever you want it to be. Don’t you believe me? Try for yourself. What does prevent you from changing your perception of it? The fact that you have been considering it to be static and external all these years? You gotta come up with something better than that. 😀

This is huge, but this also can take a while if you come from a very objective and separate mind frame. If your infrastructure for the whole universe has been that everything is separate and you have little control over things, it can take a while before you can switch perspectives. But if you were already familiar with these concepts, it might just need for you to step more firmly into that malleable reality that can be bent, and thus allows you to create from within.

Key point: A good foundation = Plastic reality non-separate from yourself

Part 2 – Build up your sentences (the right way)

If you have had a good grasp of part 1, affirmations are optional. If you understand that everything comes from yourself and there is no separation, well… you can start experimenting with living in a dream world in which you don’t need to “wait” for things to happen, because they are happening within you anyway. But if you are not quite there yet, affirmations can come in handy.

The wording you choose for your affirmations is crucial, and it often reveals what lies behind your “wanting”. Let’s establish the guidelines first and then look at some examples.

Your affirmations should be:

  • In present tense. RIGHT NOW. You do not create tomorrow, nor yesterday. If you are trying to create in the future, you will see little impact. If you are not too attached to the outcome, well, the letting go might allow the manifesting anyway, but it is better and more automatic when you forget about time.
  • Make your statements about YOU, not about others. If you are wishing for others to be or do something, chances are that you are secretly scared or even convinced that they do otherwise. So what you are putting out is a vibe of uncertainty at the very least, or even the very contrary to what you are intending.
  • Describe how this feels. You are seeking an experience, you should know how it feels. This is why affirmations about money are the most likely to fail: you might not know how it feels to own millions of dollars, and what you actually reaffirm when doing affirmations is the very LACK of money. You should be able to describe how it feels, and FEEL it as if it was right here, right now. If you look out for it to manifest “out there”, you are defeating the purpose.
  • Create a derivate sentence of the affirmation in the form of an actionable step that you can take RIGHT NOW. This will help to accelerate things and reinforce the creation in the present moment, avoiding the “waiting mode”.

Additional recommendations:

  • Do NOT enter the “waiting mode”. If you feel like you need to wait, you do not understand manifesting/reality creation enough. EVERYTHING is manifested in the now.
  • “Letting go” happens automatically once you understand that NOTHING is created in the “out there” world. When you realize that you create right here, right now, and there is no need to wait for anything to “manifest”, then you are free from thought.

Part 3 – Practical Examples

Let’s get a “bad” example and see how to improve it.

“I want to have more money to help my friends”

How is this bad? Well, it is flawed at many levels. It is not in the present tense, so it indicates lack rather than abundance. “I want XXX” might actually mean “I don’t yet have XXX”.

It talks about other people, in this case, “my friends”. It could be worse, you could be willing to “have better friends” or “for my friends to actually listen to me” or any other example. This is actually trying to forcefully change the world “out there”. You only need to change your SELF. Any other intention will always be dependent on external circumstances, most probably cause suffering and it will be very unlikely to change.

The statement lacks any feeling about it. How does it feel to have “more money to help your friends”? When the affirmation comes from a perceived lack of money, you can only imagine how relieved you would feel if you had that money. But it does not feel good, it feels bad because you “don’t have it yet”.

If after doing the affirmations, you enter a “waiting mode”, then it is a clear symptom of the affirmation to be weak and very unlikely to work. Sometimes you can have a few hints of it working, maybe you feel like getting closer, but it is never enough.

Let’s take the same sentence and make the wording better:

“I HAVE enough money to live abundantly”

Well, this is much better. It is in present tense now and it indicates that you ALREADY have something. Your feelings about it should have shifted a bit. Now you can just repeat it, feel better, feel as if it has already happened, and let it go, because you have an abundant life already.

HOWEVER… we don’t have an actionable step to do now. We are not in waiting mode, but we don’t have anything to do next.

This is because “money” is devoided of much meaning per se. This is the tricky part about money and manifesting it: it is much harder to feel happy by holding pieces of metal or paper. It does not mean much. So my suggestion is… what do you want to buy with money? Aim to get those instead.

If you want to go on a trip with your friends and that’s why you want more money, start with the trip. It is much easier to imagine and feel it beforehand.

“I AM GOING on a trip with my friends”

Then you can conceive an actionable step, like looking at destinations, talking about it with your friends, looking at plane tickets or rental cars. It has a much more defined shape. Walk confidently in the direction of your desires.

Beware. Or be Aware. 🙂

CAREFUL with how you feel about it. If you think about plane tickets and you cringe when looking at the prices, you are unconsciously slipped back into believing that you “lack” something. This is normal if you are used to living a very scarce life, your usual suspects in the shape of haunting thoughts have an automatic way of getting into your mind. You need to expand into abundance, and this might be a process for some people.


Add some extra affirmations as a reminder. Think: “I AM GOING on a trip, I AM life itself, I AM abundance, I AM everything. There is nothing to fear, nothing to lose. All is good”. Try to get back to this malleable and flexible perception of reality. Think of reality as a game, you have to loosen up.

If you feel like a trip to the island of Madeira (Portugal) is too expensive and it is difficult to get rid of the feeling that it is out of your reach, then maybe you could baby step the process. Instead of going to Madeira for 2 weeks, go to a closer and cheaper destination for the weekend. Something that can make your thoughts of “you should not spend money on this” appear, but not so much so that you feel under too much pressure.

Then you choose to go for 3 days to another vacation-like destination. Little by little, you increase the perceived size of the adventure and decrease the feeling that it is too much of a leap.

I hope that this helps people to come up with better affirmations and stand a more empowering ground when it comes to creating their reality.



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