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Pillars of Creation

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Creating your own reality is something popular and trendy, but there are a few things that, when in place, help boosting up manifesting. Do you want to know how to take a leap forward in your manifesting? Do you want to know how to clear the path so everything starts happening?

Check out these pillars of creation, real foundation for everything else.

Pillar #1: How do you look at the world?

This is one fundamental principle that holds reality creators back. If you believe the world to exist on its own, other people to have intentions, circumstances to be external and happening to you just “because”, then manifesting will be significantly harder to achieve.

The world seems to exist “out there”. You go out and you see people on the streets, cars, buildings, trees, the sun (or a cloudy sky)… it is out there, right?

Thing is that everything revolves around PERSPECTIVE. You choose your perspective as if it was a contact lens that you put before your eyes to see the world, and thus the world becomes that way.

Key point #1: If you change your perspective, the world changes.

By looking at the world in a rigid way, manifesting can become a difficult process. This is like a video game: if you are playing Assassins Creed, creating new scenarios or traveling to an alien world can be difficult, because the game is meant to follow certain guidelines. But if you are playing Minecraft, then creating your own world is within the game parameters and it is easy to build your world as you desire.

So choosing your perspective is like choosing your video game. If you choose a perspective in which your world is separate from yourself, and you can’t do anything about it (people have their own agendas, the world follows its own rules), then manifesting is almost futile. You’re using a difficult lens, you see?

The truth, the REAL thing is that you choose that perspective. You choose your video game. You can be just fine playing Assassins Creed or Uncharted 4, having a good time and all. That’s fine. But if you want to experience a more flexible game, then you have to switch to Minecraft (or any other game that allows the player to change their world).

Practical exercise: What if you conceive the world as something plastic? Malleable. Begin to loose up your views on the world, do not believe your circumstances as REAL, they are just part of the game. A game that can change. Remember this throughout the day: nothing is as real as we make it seem, it is just a game.

This exercise can help people to feel less influenced by what they perceive as external and immovable. If you remind yourself and start living in a less rigid world. Choosing to perceive reality as a game, makes our reality more changeable and helps boost manifesting, that now can be allowed in such a new conception of the world.

So the first pillar is perspective. If you choose a rigid lens to look at the world, manifesting will seem impossible. If you choose a more flexible one, manifesting will speed up and it will seem easy.

Pillar #2: You ONLY create in the NOW

This one is HUGE. This principle helps to automatically drop some of the mental barriers that we hold up and prevent us from manifesting.

Forgetting about time is crucial. Tomorrow does not exist. Nor next year, nor two years ago. Literally. If you wrap your head around this concept, your manifesting will grow exponentially.

Manifesting is the act of becoming who you want to become, and perceiving what you choose to perceive. In the Now. There is no other way to create. If you want to have a Ferrari next week, I would bet against your success. If you know NOW that you will have it, and you naturally give up the seek and want, then you might get it.

Key point #2: You can ONLY manifest RIGHT HERE, in the present moment.

If you create the sense of who you want to be, RIGHT NOW, it would be a done deal pretty quickly. Done. You’re that person. Now forget about it and go live your life as that person. No neediness, no waiting, no wants. Right now, created, done.

Once you realize that you create your life MOMENT TO MOMENT, then you stop seeking. And your life arises from the reflection of who YOU ARE. Because it is not about creating things OUT THERE, it is about becoming the person who experiences all those things, right now, and then all your seeking evaporates.

That is why pretending or “fake it ’til you make it” works pretty well if you embrace it. You become whatever you want to be right now, you pretend to be it, and thus attraction starts working seamlessly. Whereas if you want to create something out of thin air, without changing your perception, it can be pretty difficult.

Pillar #3: You ONLY change your SELF

It is a common misconception that we are creating external things. This is not the case, although it might be perceived that way. The ONLY thing that you can change is yourself, your perception, and this is what will shape the “out there”, the external world.

So basically, in order to create and manifest the circumstances that you want, you have to become that in which those circumstances can exist and “arise”.

Keypoint #3: Stop trying to change the external, no change is needed.

The advantage of understanding this principle is that once mastered, you will automatically drop the need to manipulate and forcefully change your current circumstances.

This is better represented with the radio or TV (or Youtube video for that matter) metaphor. If you are watching a certain channel or radio station, you don’t try to manipulate the current program in order to change it, if it’s a news broadcasting and you want to watch a football match, you won’t try calling the station and force them to change their current programming. You will just simply change the channel/radio station. Right?

Think that you are that radio/TV. You are broadcasting constantly. If you want a different experience, you don’t try to change what you are seeing in the world, you have to switch channel within yourself.

How so? Well, it all comes down to changing your perception. YOUR perception, the way you choose to perceive things. And the wording is accurate: you CHOOSE certain way of perceiving things.

If you want to attract a partner into your life, you have to be attractive. Before you LOOK attractive, you have to FEEL attractive. And before the mind starts pointing at your overweight and all the PROOF that seemingly says otherwise, it is YOUR job to consciously avoid listening to those thoughts, and start tuning into  “I am freaking sexy as hell” kind of thought. The more you convince yourself and ignore the negative thoughts, the better.

But for some reason, we are more inclined to listen and believe all our negative thoughts, that is why this is often a practice: you practice feeling a certain way, you exercise and work out the FEELING and BEING what you PREFER to BE.

The alternative is to keep beating yourself over all your perceived flaws, and thus keep perpetuating those into existence. It is up to you. 🙂



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